The 2013 ZoxSo World Championship Medallions


Well, they are finally complete!

The First Place & Second Place medallions for the winner and runner-up of this year's 2013 ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament (being hosted by Game Salute at GenCon Indy 2013) are finally completed!

Below are two pictures of these 4" - diameter beauties, both made of 1/4 thick solid brass, with a fantastic, hand-carved ZoxSo logo design by Michael Rader of

They are engraved with 1st and 2nd place information on the back, then clear-coated and hand waxed for protection of the metal surfaces.

Thank you Michael for these beautifully handcrafted masterpieces!

Check them out below, and don't forget to register to play in the 2013 ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament at:

Gen Con Indy 2013 - August 15-18

The 2013 ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament

It's almost that time again: for the ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament!

The 2013 ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament will be held in a completely new venue this year, namely:

Gen Con Indy 2013 - August 15-18

Hosted by Game Salute, this 3rd-ever ZoxSo World Championship event represents the first time that ZoxSo: The New Ancient Game will be represented at "The Best Four Days in Gaming" in Indianapolis, Indiana.

GenCon Indy 2013 registration is going on now, so don't miss your chance to become one of the first three world champions in history of a modern ancient game.

By way of added enticement, here are the basic details of the prize fund for this event:

-- Game Salute will be offering a total of $250 in online gift certificates to the top finishers in this event, for products from their web site,

-- David Weinstock (I), the creator and publisher of ZoxSo: The New Ancient Game, will be offering two magnificent, custom solid metal ZoxSo World Championship Medallions to the 1st-Place & 2nd-Place finishers in this event.

{Stay tuned for pictures of these two medallion creations once they are completed!}

-- will be offering additional prizes in the form of web store credit totalling $250 to be divided proportionately between the 1st-Place & 2nd-Place finishers in this event.

-- David Weinstock and Mindspan Labs will be giving ZoxSo themed tournament entry gifts for each of the participants in this event.

For details, please contact Game Salute or, and to register for this event, please go to GenCon Indy 2013.

See you all there!

Ciao for now .... deMarcus

A new ZoxSo World Champion!

Congratulations to David Koenigsaecker, winner of the

2012 ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament!

David was awarded the title of 2012 ZoxSo World Champion, the fantastic ZoxSo WCH Trophy, a cash prize of $250, and a handmade "Precious Thinket," plated with Rhodim and 18 KT Gold.

Second-Place finisher in the tournament was Jonathan Dowd-Gailey, who received the handmade 2nd Place ZoxSo Trophy, $125 in cash, and a "Heavy-Metal Thinket."

Jenny Sayward and Anand Mehta (Anand had been the 2011 ZoxSo World Champion) shared Third and Fourth place, and each received $62.50 in cash for their efforts.

The final-round "best 3 out of 5" playoff-match between David Koenigsaecker and Jonathan Dowd-Gailey was exciting, and it went the distance. David was down two games to zero going into game three, but he somehow managed to win the next three games in a row to win the match and the title.

Shown here is David holding the fabulous 2012 ZoxSo World Championship Trophy, a beautiful work of art that was handcrafted from scratch by Master Knifemakers Lyle Brunckhorst (Bronk's Knifeworks) and Michael Rader (Rader Bladeworks).

Congratulations to David Koenigsaecker,

the new 2012 ZoxSo World Champion!

Come play in the 2012 ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament!

2012 ZoxSo Open WCH

The 2012 ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament

The 2012 ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament is drawing ever closer.

This second-ever ZoxSo World Championship event will be held on Saturday, August 11th at the Dragonflight Game Convention in the Bellevue Hilton Hotel, and promises to be even more fabulous than last year's inaugural event which was won by Anand Mehta.

Anand had taken the 2011 ZoxSo World Championship Title, the fabulous ZoxSo World Championship Trophy, and bragging rights as the first-ever ZoxSo World Champion; all in a nail biter of a play-off match against then tournament-favorite, Laura Sears.

This year Anand Mehta will be there to defend his ZoxSo World Championship Title against all comers; and since it is a totally open event, that means all contenders, regardless of experience or age!

NOTE: Though there aren't official restrictions placed on the ages of the players for purposes of entry, ZoxSo is generally recommended for players ages 8 and up. However, all young prodigies are enthusiastically welcomed!

So, if you register to attend the Dragonflight Game Con on Saturday August 11th 2012, you'll be eligible to play in the ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament. And I'd like to remind everyone that Anand Mehta had only been playing ZoxSo for a few months when he won the world championship title.

This year we have expanded all phases of the event, including the addition of a $400 cash prize fund to the other prizes: with $200 going to the winner, $100 to the runner-up, and $50 each to 3rd and 4th place. In addition, this year's ZoxSo World Championship Trophy promises to be as fabulous as last year's trophy and is currently in progress -- to be completed shortly -- as you will see from the WIP photos and description below.

I will leave off here with the very earliest photos of the world championship trophy in progress, taken only yesterday, with more images to come very soon. Note that the top ZoxSo disk ornament is being forged from a 10" diamenter chunk of solid steel which will be heat treated and blued at a high temperature, while the base of the trophy is being formed from a thick slab of Spaulted Maple Burl. I do not yet have the name of the wood that is being used to fashion the arms that will support the ZoxSo steel disk, but more on that later.






PLEASE NOTE: This year's 2012 ZoxSo Open World Chamionship Trophy is being handcrafted by two locals, masters and teachers in the Art of Knifemaking:

Lyle Brunckhorst of Bronk's Knifeworks

Michael Rader of Rader Blade Works

Feel free to contact me with inquiries at:

Ciao for now.

-- deMarcus, Mindspan Labs